Thursday, February 4, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping At The 2016 SAG Awards?

Only Leo could pull off vaping at a major awards show.

Miley Cyrus Seemingly Calls Out Leonardo DiCaprio's Smoking Etiquette on 'The Tonight Show' While we pass no judgment on Leo's choice of recreation during the awards ceremony, back in October, Miley Cyrus did pass some judgment on the 41-year-old actor's lack of passing when he puffs.

"I was 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio, sitting there with his mom," Miley remembered on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon about meeting Leo at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special in February. "He was hitting a vape pen. But it wasn't him that was making me kinda nervous -- I was feeling this emotion because there's an etiquacy [sic] of, when we're there, that you pass that s**t Leo! And he never did, so that was weird to me."

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Is It Socially Acceptable to Vape in Public?

If there’s anything Leonardo DiCaprio loves more than a Citi Bike, it’s his vape. His trusty vape shop e-cigarette has accompanied him on yacht trips in St. Barth’s, while he scoped out the scene at Art Basel, and most recently served as his date at Saturday night’s SAG Awards. Now that Leo has taken his vape commitment to the next level, we’re confronted with a new etiquette question: Is it ever socially acceptable to vape indoors?

The proper protocol regarding electronic smoking has been up for debate ever since the rise of e-cigarette use. Before New York included e-cigarettes in its no-smoking ban (which prohibits use in bars, restaurants, offices, parks, and on beaches), rules on vaping varied from establishment to establishment. But does the public e-cigarette ban extend to private functions? In the past few years, vaping has been making the rounds at many glamorous circuits: Katy Perry was seen sharing a vape pen with Orlando Bloom at this year’s Golden Globes after-party; Sarah Silverman showed off her liquid pot pen during the Emmy’s red-carpet procession in 2014; and, back when she was still dating Michelle Rodriguez, Cara Delevingne puffed out tiny vapor rings while watching a Knicks game.

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